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The Mountain Laurel Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in Mentone, Alabama, at base foot of Desoto Falls.

Mentone's Best Bed and Breakfast Greeters!

Sammie, Our Guest Ambassador

Sammie, Our Guest Ambassador!

"Sammie is always ready to take a walk or a run on the trails around the B&B"

 Lickety-Split's Blog for Mountain Laurel Inn Bed and Breakfast- Mentone, AL

On a November evening in 2009, a pick up truck from Atlanta rolled down Mountain Laurel’s driveway to deliver sweet, energetic Sammie. Another Golden Retriever living at Mountain Laurel Inn B&B eager to greet guests and to enjoy great hikes and waterfalls in the Lookout Mountain area.

Amazingly, Sammie jumped out of her former master’s truck and acted likes she had lived at the Bed and Breakfast all of her life. As she says it is a dog’s paradise with woods to roam and squirrels to terrorize. She is always up for a walk or a run and loves a good rub from all who visit. The pastures next door at Shady Grove Dude Ranch are her favorite place to show off her powerful speed and beauty as she flies through the field.

She will be waiting by the door with a friendly bark for you as she keeps the squirrels in her line of sight.

Sammie is a regular contributor to the Mountain Laurel Inn Newsletter... 
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Lickety Split, Our Guest Ambassador


Lickety Split was Mountain Laurel Inn B&B's greeter from July 2006 until August 2009. She was a bit prissy and loved to be inside on her throne. Sarah and Lickety met at Canine Assistants in Alpharetta, Georgia, which is a wonderful program that trains dogs to assist wheelchair bound stroke victims. See their website for more information at http://www.canineassistants.org.

Lickety Split was full of life and enjoyed having guests. Sarah was told that Lickety Split was so named due to splitting her lip on a crate lock. However, this was debatable. She demonstrated her lightening fast speed on several occasions. The first time was nine days after she arrived when she spooked herself as she saw her reflection in the sliding glass door. She took off into the woods with the leash banging behind her and scaring her even more. She ran in circles trying to get away from the leash then she took off down to the main road. It was three days before she returned home. Fortunately, she realized that the pretty dog in the reflection was her friend. Visitors noticed that her enjoyment of attention prevented her from being a perfect candidate for Canine Assistants as it was too serious of a life for her happy head. Let’s live life fully as Lickety did.


Sarah & Lickety-Split

Sarah & Lickety-Split

Lickety-Split is ready for a romantic getaway

Lickety-Split is ready for a romantic getaway

Lickety-Split enjoys hiking to DeSoto Falls

Lickety-Split enjoys hiking to DeSoto Falls

Snowflake chasing has worn Lickety-Split out

Snowflake chasing has worn Lickety-Split out

Baxter, Our Guest Ambassador

Mountain Laurel Inn lost their best guest ambassador and friend to cancer on Thursday, June 2, 2005.  Baxter was 11 years young at his death and lived every day fully until the end. He is in doggy heaven with all the tennis balls to retrieve and all the doggy biscuits to receive. 
Thanks for loving him.

Mountain Laurel Inn, formerly known as Blossom Hill Bed and Breakfast, was purchased by Sarah Wilcox in October of 1996. Having camped and worked at Camp DeSoto in Mentone for over 20 years, Sarah enjoys and appreciates the area and its residents. The name change reflects the abundance and beauty of the Mountain Laurel on the bluff. Together with her dog, Baxter, the two take special care to make your stay at the inn memorable.

Enjoy below an excerpt from Baxter's Beef in the latest newsletter...

Dear Guests...

This newsletter is written with a heavy heart. On December 31, 1996, the best addition to Mountain Laurel Inn occurred when Baxter, formerly known as Nitro, showed up on my doorstep to become my new best friend. Four other homes had not wanted him and at two years old he reached heaven here with me and all of you. Baxter took on Alabama Innkeeper Sarah Wilcox and Baxter, The Guest Ambassador, invite you to The Mountain Laurel Inn.his role as guest ambassador with lots of enthusiasm, twirls and licks. As you know, he loved when guests arrived and he could show them around. He did his job well chasing tennis balls and entertaining guests. Our favorite times together were taking long walks.

We took our last long walk together ten days before he passed away on June 2, 2005. He loved nothing more than to run a little ahead and then look back to see if I was coming. We had a wonderful 8 1/2 years together. We even celebrated his 11th birthday in March.

Baxter knew how to live life to the fullest. In February, when we discovered cancer in his lymph nodes, he did not let it get him down. As soon as the medication made him feel better, he made weekly treks to the falls to show the disease that it was not going to get him. He was brave and full of life to the end. His presence will always be felt here. Thanks to all of you who have written notes or called.

It is hard to lose a constant companion and best friend. Baxter and I tried to get a companion here before he said goodbye. I am looking for another Golden Retriever. He will not replace Baxter but he will come to give everyone who visits Mountain Laurel some love and joy. Thanks for loving Baxter too.




The first part of this note was written in June. It has taken me many months to go back and read again about losing my best friend. Some of you know, however, that I do have a new golden. Lickety Split joined me at Mountain Laurel Inn in July. She stayed true to her name and ran off nine days after she arrived because she was spooked by her reflection in the sliding glass door. She did return home and has been right by my side ever since. Lickety Split is two years old and she came from a program in Alpharetta, GA outside of Atlanta. Canine Assistants raises and trains dogs to help with wheel chair bound individuals and stroke victims. Don’t let her know, but Lickety didn’t quite make the grade. You will know why when you meet her. She is a definite “Happy Head”. She will be so excited when you arrive. Come and meet her soon. She has cooked up some fresh dog bones to take back to your buddies at home.

Read additional articles in the Baxter's Beef Archives

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